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Benefits of Family Therapy

family therapy

There are many benefits to family therapy that supports families with a teen struggling with addiction. Addiction affects more than 40 million Americans in the U.S. today. The ongoing pandemic is causing a lot of frustration and fear for teens and their parents, and many people are turning to drugs and alcohol for relief. Families of teens struggling with addiction can get help from family therapy programs.

At Imagine Nampa, our family therapy programs restore the family bonds that addiction has shattered and provide mental health support for everyone affected by addiction. For teens aged 12-17, family counseling offers support for everyone’s mental health needs and helps create a home environment that is healthy, sober, and happy. To learn more about the benefits of family therapy and how it can benefit everyone, call 888.503.4604 today to speak with our caring staff about family counseling.

Understanding Addiction and Family Dynamics

Addiction affects more than just the person struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Everyone in the family is directly affected by addiction, and it can negatively impact your teen’s mental health development. Children learn from their parents and are more likely to copy their habits, whether good or bad.

For families who have a teen struggling with addiction, other family members can take on dysfunctional roles that can hinder any recovery efforts and potentially cause other family members to fall into addiction.

  • Addict – The person who is struggling with addiction due to any number of mental health disorders.
  • Enabler – A parent or sibling who means well but is inadvertently causing more harm than good.
  • Hero – The person who goes above and beyond to keep the family together.
  • Scapegoat – The person or persons who get blamed for all the problems.

Each person in the family has a role to play to hinder or support recovery efforts. Imagine Nampa works with families and their teens to help everyone get a better understanding of addiction and family dynamics. They help families get rid of dysfunction and show everyone how they can support their teen son or daughter’s recovery.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Family counseling is necessary for any addiction treatment program to give patients the best chances of recovery. Without a supportive home environment, recovery efforts will be more difficult, and there is a greater risk of relapse and overdose. You can help support your teen son or daughter by attending family therapy and allowing for true healing to begin.

Just some of the benefits of family therapy include:

  • Bring families together to support mental health and addiction recovery
  • Build trust between family members
  • Get a better understanding of addiction and how it can affect everyone in the family
  • Help family members take on new supportive roles
  • Improve family relationships
  • Create a healthy home environment that will foster growth and acceptance
  • Offer mental health support for all family members
  • Learn how to forgive themselves and others

Explore the Many Benefits of Family Therapy at Imagine Nampa

If your teen is struggling with addiction or other mental health disorders, Imagine Nampa provides mental health and addiction support for teens aged 12-17 and their families. We combine multiple behavioral therapies and medication management, which can ease withdrawal symptoms and allow patients to begin focusing on their recovery. Therapy options include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Trauma therapy
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Family therapy

If symptoms are severe enough, we provide medication management to reduce withdrawal symptoms and ease cravings. To learn more about the benefits of family therapy, call 888.503.4604 today. You can speak with our compassionate staff and help your teen get on the road to recovery.