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Mindfulness and Meditation Therapy Program

Mindfulness And Meditation Therapy ProgramThere’s a stereotype about chemical dependency treatment. It involves people sitting around in groups talking. While group therapy is undoubtedly part of treatment, there’s also meditation for mental health and addiction recovery. At our behavioral health treatment center for teenagers, we are proud to offer patients support with our mindfulness and meditation therapy program. To learn more about our adolescent treatment programs, please call 888.503.4604 today.


A Mindfulness and Meditation Therapy Program Reduces Stress

Pressure is an inevitable part of life. It may occur at home, at work, or in school. The way you react to it influences your general mental and emotional health. The majority of individuals have inadequate stress responses. You can see the results in the rising number of physical and mental illnesses. Over time, they need more and more to shut things down. However, as they continue to use drugs or alcohol, they may experience new or worsening mental health concerns. That’s where a meditation therapy program can help you make helpful changes.

Through meditation therapy, it is possible to reduce your teen’s stress without using substances. In fact, studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can actually increase gray matter in areas of the brain related to memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress. When your teen learns how to meditate, they are gaining a lifelong skill that will help them deal with any kind of pressure.

How Meditation for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Works

Our meditation therapy program is a holistic treatment. Most people do not practice meditation. That is why our adolescent rehabilitation center employs mental health professionals who teach your teen guided meditations. It gets your teen started on the road to recovery.  Guided meditation allows your teen to learn how to focus and connect with their breath. The therapist provides support, guidance, and feedback. In a group setting, your teen will also learn how to share personal experiences and observations about their practice.

The Benefits of Group Meditation for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Sobriety is a lifestyle that calls for new, healthier choices. Your teen will still have stress. However, they find new ways of managing it. Meditation for mental health recovery is one such tool. Our patients learn to focus on controlling their breathing. When they’re able to do so, they can calm down their body. It’s an essential first stress response. Next, they can practice mindfulness.

Through mindfulness, teens learn to examine emotions as they experience them. Because they do so impartially, there’s no stress. Similarly, they significantly reduce anxiety. Many teens in our programs no longer feel the need to respond with knee-jerk reactions. In addition, teens can develop new neural networks in this way. Retraining their brain is an excellent way of supporting lifelong sobriety. Most importantly, it results in lasting change.

Adding Meditation to a Care Protocol

Of course, it’s not enough to meditate. Other evidence-based treatments must be part of your teen’s recovery efforts. Examples include:

  • PHP with a step-down to IOP
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Medication management
  • Educational advocacy

As your teen works with our treatment specialists, they will learn more about your ability to handle stressors. Secondly, they will identify triggers that could create a relapse potential. Addressing them now, with the help of therapists, is instrumental for healing. Doing so also boosts your self-confidence in handling what comes in the future.

Learn More at Imagine Nampa Today

If your teen is suffering from mental health concerns, there is help and hope available. Learn more about meditation for mental health and addiction recovery. Rise up with the help of Imagine Nampa. Call 888.503.4604 today to make it happen.