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Benefits and Advantages of Psychotherapy for Teens

therapist explaining to teenage girl the benefits and advantages of psychotherapy for teens

Every parent of teens knows they can be prone to rapid mood swings, intense emotions, and poor impulse control. When compounded by poor communication and coping skills, many parents struggle to identify a mental health issue from typical teenage behavior. It is critical for parents to consistently monitor teens to identify emotions and behaviors that seem out of the norm and to verbally ask how they are doing. A psychotherapy program can benefit teens with an identifiable mental health disorder and those at risk.

Imagine Nampa provides outpatient adolescent treatment programs for teens aged 12-17 in Idaho. Our psychotherapy programs offer evidence-based care for teens and their families to address issues that contribute to teen mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and co-occurring substance use disorders. Call 888.503.4604 to learn more about the benefits of psychotherapy for teens.

What Are the Advantages of Psychotherapy?

It is crucial to understand that teens do not need to be experiencing symptoms of a specific mental health disorder to receive the benefits of psychotherapy. Teens often crave advice on things they do not want to discuss with family or close friends but don’t know where to turn. A psychotherapy program can help teens identify and process the sources of their stress through group and individual therapy sessions.

Some of the reasons to consider psychotherapy include:

  • Difficulty adjusting to changes, such as a move or other transition
  • Separation, divorce, or other familial conflicts
  • To gain greater insight and self-awareness
  • Romantic relationships
  • Peer conflict or bullying
  • Exploring sexuality, gender identity, or sexual orientation
  • Coping with illness or injury that impacts daily life
  • Feeling left out, misunderstood, or isolated
  • Struggles with identity or self-worth
  • Racial or cultural discrimination

Individual and group psychotherapy programs can help teens address these issues before they manifest into more significant problems. Of course, psychotherapy programs can also enable teens with a diagnosed mental health disorder to learn to manage their symptoms to not interfere with daily functioning.

The Benefits of Psychotherapy for Teens

Adolescence is a crucial time for healthy development, and when most teens learn the coping mechanisms that will stay with them into adulthood. Therefore, developing healthy coping skills is essential to their future well-being. Today’s teens face many newer challenges and report higher rates of mental health issues than in the past. COVID-19 has significantly impacted everyone’s mental health but has been exceptionally difficult for teenagers, particularly those already at high risk for mental health issues. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), there has been a 31% increase in mental health-related emergency room visits among teens aged 12-17 since COVID-19.

Research indicates that nearly half of all mental health disorders develop by age 14. NAMI reports that one in three high school students reports symptoms of depression, including sadness and hopelessness, and that three million teens have had serious thoughts of suicide.

Adolescents experience emotions more intensely than adults but have more difficulty managing them. Psychotherapy helps teens understand the causes of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and provides them with tools to help them feel and function better. Psychotherapy programs help teens learn:

  • Emotional regulation
  • Empathy
  • Appropriate assertiveness
  • Self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Healthy coping skills
  • Communication skills
  • Insight
  • Anger management techniques

With their brains still developing, teenagers are vulnerable to extreme emotions, poor impulse control, and poor communication skills. Individual and group psychotherapy helps teens regulate their emotions, make better decisions, and recognize that they are not alone. Positive peer support from others experiencing similar thoughts, feelings, and circumstances provides new perspectives for dealing with challenges and fosters the development of healthy coping mechanisms.

Learn More About Psychotherapy for Teens at Imagine Nampa

Imagine Nampa was born out of the recognition that, while the teenage years have always been challenging, today’s teens are experiencing more mental health issues than ever before. We have carefully designed our psychotherapy programs to meet the unique need and challenges of teens aged 12-17. Contact us at 888.503.4604 to learn more about the benefits of psychotherapy for your teen.